Leak Detection

Basement Leaks

Basements are the lowest level of a building and are at a high risk of leaks and flooding.

Water will find its way to the lowest point, so adequate drainage and a waterproof basement are essential. Stormwater or sewer pipes that run through a basement are at risk of leaking or becoming blocked.

The Webb Plumbing Services team are experts at leak detection and have years of experience finding and fixing leaks in the basement. They understand drainage and can identify waterproofing issues. When they find the leak and cause, they will provide a range of cost-effective and long term solutions to stop basements from leaking. As remedial waterproofing experts, we can offer various solutions, including applying a new membrane to seal the basement.

Submersible pumps in basements are critical during heavy rain as their function is to pump stormwater away from the basement and property into the drains. When submersible pumps are not maintained properly, they tend to fail.

To reduce the risk of a submersible pump failing and causing a leak or a flood in the basement, Webb Plumbing Services recommends Pump and Pit Servicing.

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