Leak Detection

Burst Water Pipe

A burst water pipe can happen anytime and anywhere.

The Webb Plumbing Services team can locate any burst pipe above and below ground and inside walls.  They use a range of methodologies ranging from visual inspections to the use of specialised leak detection equipment.

Equipment such as acoustic listening or thermal imaging can help find the burst’s exact location, saving money and time and avoiding unnecessary excavation or property damage.

With a wide range of specialised repair tools available, the team can carry most repairs on the spot, saving time and reducing disruption to the water supply and, most importantly, residents.

The Webb Plumbing Services team provide detailed records and photos to assist any insurance claim.

If your property has damage from the burst, our restoration service team can help you.

Are you worried you may have a burst? Call us on 1300 238 993


Burst Water Pipe Case Study

Location: Bentleigh

This burst at a private home caused extensive flooding under the house and along the side of the property.  An obvious sign of a burst pipe was water running to the curb stormwater outlet.

Our inspection found water bubbling next to the central heating unit and a burst pipe 300 mm below the ground. Water was drained away by a portable pump.

The burst section of the copper water pipe was cut and removed and repaired.

Repaired gas line what was damaged and services reinstated. Area backfilled with rock and soil.


Testimonial from Owner

We have been using Webb Plumbing Services for many years and have found them very professional, reliable and overall a pleasure to deal with over any plumbing matter. Recently we called them about a possible water leak, two Plumbers from Webb Plumbing arrived the same day, found the issue was a water pipe leak under the house, new piping was installed and rerouted to a more serviceable area, the excess water was drained away, and the area left neat and tidy. A very professional job.

Dallas McLaren (Owners Corporation Manager) and Susan McLaren.