Leak Detection

Concrete Slab Leak

Are you experiencing high water bills or seeing signs of damp concrete or water pooling in your property? It could be a sign of a hidden leak in your concrete slab. Leaks in concrete slabs can lead to water damage and structural issues if left unattended. Other signs to look out for include water dripping from the concrete slab in multi-level buildings, bulging walls, and concrete cracks.

At Webb Plumbing Services, we specialize in leak detection and have the expertise and equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Our skilled team also knows how to access and repair the pipework without causing any unnecessary damage. We understand that excavation in the wrong place or poor repairs can be costly, which is why we prioritize finding a cost-effective and long-term solution to your leak problem.

Pipes in or under a slab can burst and deteriorate over time without any apparent signs, causing substantial property and structural damage if not fixed quickly. Investigating and repairing any leak in a concrete slab requires leak investigation expertise. That’s where we come in!

Locating a leak in a multi-level apartment block can be challenging, but with our extensive experience, we can manage the entire investigation process. We’ll work with the various residents and agents to identify the leak’s source or cause and provide you with a range of cost-effective solutions.

Don’t let a leak cause any further damage to your property! Contact us today to learn more about our leak detection services and how we can help you with all your plumbing needs. Trust us to get the job done right the first time!

Our leak detection services include:

  • Concrete slab leaks
  • Water and gas leaks
  • Leak investigation
  • Non-invasive leak detection
  • Thermal imaging
  • Moisture testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Spray testing

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