Leak Detection

High Water Bill

A leak, even a slow leak, can be costly.

When an owner’s corporation receives a high water bill, they will often need an investigation to determine what caused the spike in water usage. The most common cause is a burst pipe or a leaking hot water service.

The Webb Plumbing Services team can inspect and carry out leak detection testing to determine what is causing the spike in water usage. If it’s a leaking or burst pipes, hot water services or irrigation systems, they can carry our necessary repairs.

Water wastage is a concern in some buildings, particularly when water meters are shared. Webb Plumbing Services can carry out an audit to find the water wasters, such as dripping taps or running cisterns.

Installing separate water meters is recommended as the responsibility for the water usage will go to the direct lot owner and provide flexibility to turn an individual water meter off during plumbing works.

Webb Plumbing Services can assess your building and advise you on the option to carry out separate water meters.

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