Leak Detection

Leaking Concrete Roof

A concrete rooftop is usually found on commercial buildings or multi-story apartment blocks around Melbourne. They often support a range of services such heating and cooling on the rooftop. While a concrete roof is a strong structure, they are very susceptible to leaks.

Poor drainage is often an issue, but the most common cause of leaking roofs is the waterproof membrane.

Concrete roof tops need to be maintained and ensured that any drainage issues and roof cracks are addressed quickly.

A concrete roof needs a quality and strong waterproofing membrane to prevent any roof leaks. The membrane has to withstand the elements and be flexible for building movement. At Webb Waterproofing Services, we can not only diagnose any type of roof leak, but we can fix any drainage issue and waterproofing issue. Certified in waterproofing, the team at Webb can offer a practical waterproofing solution to stop roof leaks.

Our membrane systems are affordable, low maintenance and suitable for rooftop gardens or entertainment areas.

Some of the products used by Webb Waterproofing Services include:

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