Basement & Retaining walls Waterproofing


Basements are vulnerable to leaks and water damage.

It is essential that a basement is protected from moisture, as the smallest of cracks can lead to structural damage if not fixed.

Our team are skilled and experienced in drainage and leaks in basements. We can evaluate and find the right membrane to seal any leaks and fix any drainage issues.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are like basements, they need to be waterproof and have the correct drainage.

A retaining wall is usually a structure created by pre-cast or cement blocks supporting a mass of earth on one side. As well as good drainage, the retaining wall which is usually made of concrete block constructions needs to be waterproofed to reduce risk any hydrostatic pressure or instability and movement.

Our team at Webb Waterproofing Services can inspect and advice on remedial solutions for membrane application or drainage.