Waterproofing Membrane

We offer a wide range of liquid membrane products for remedial waterproofing. Our liquid membrane products are flexible, fast to apply and can be applied to existing surfaces. This process saves money and is less disruptive for the residents.

A successful waterproofing project needs the right membrane produce and the right methodology.

The Webb Waterproofing Services team exclusively uses the highest quality membranes that meet the Australian Standards. Membranes must be:

  • Durable – completely leak-free
  • Strengthen the structure
  • U.V. resistant
  • Excellent for corners and edges
  • Increase property value and reduce maintenance cost

The team will use a range of membranes and sealants for a waterproof remedial project, such as:

Liquid membranes are flexible and adaptable to any substrate shape and penetrate tight areas where access is difficult. These are suitable for balconies, foyers and walkways.

Epoxy Coating is a select type of coating usually applied to concrete to seal it and improve the surface. It’s a durable membrane that restores and waterproofs commercial or industrial flooring and concrete roofs.

Sealants are an essential product in all kinds of Waterproofing. Correct application of joint sealants is necessary to form a bond with the membrane.