Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are a popular garden option for apartment living and usually installed on balconies or terraces. If planter boxes are not watertight, they will eventually leak and cause damage on the balcony or, even worse, leak to the apartments below. Even a slow leak can cause substantial damage.

The Webb Waterproofing Services team are experts in leaks and can quickly identify if the planter boxes are the issues and whether a new membrane is a correct solution.

Experienced in managing waterproofing project, the team at Webb Waterproofing Services will take care of the entire project. They can manage the whole project from removing all existing plants and watering systems to preparing and applying the membrane.

The liquid membranes used by Webb Waterproofing services are ideal for planter boxes, as they can be applied to any shape or size and will protect and seal from further leaks.

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