Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete is a key structural material used in construction and, over time, will deteriorate.

Remedial waterproofing and repairs to concrete is important to ensure the building remains structurally strong and remains liveable.

At Webb Waterproofing Services we undertake a full range of repair and remediation options, using quality flexible mortars design to strengthen and waterproof concrete that is subject to flexural strain. We find solutions for basements, carparks, water tanks,  panel walls and masonry structures. 

Using quality products like Sikalastic® -1K we are able to waterproof and strengthen the concrete structure that is subject to flexural strain.

Concrete that is porous like concrete blocks can be transformed with a permanent water resistant barrier using highly specialised compounds and systems by Contec. They will  protect against water damage and any steel corrosion.

Concrete cancer is often seen in older buildings and in particular in balconies. Rusting steel causes the concrete to become brittle and break. Like leaking balconies, it’s a common and difficult problem facing many owners’ corporations.

At Webb Waterproofing Services we can offer a range of repairs and preventative maintenance programs to manage at the early stages of concrete cancer before it takes hold.

Spalling is when the concrete starts to flake or chip and there are signs of rust.  This can be remedied with concrete waterproofing, however large cracks means water is entering and finding a solution becomes a challenge.

Acting sooner rather than later is the key to managing concrete cancer. Once the concrete  cancer takes hold, it becomes difficult and expensive to reverse the problem. The team at Webb Waterproofing Services can advise on what options might be available for concrete cancer that is in an advanced stage.